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My name is Nicola and I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in March 2009. I hope my blog can help others find the support and good food to make going gluten free easier! I am a member of The Coeliac Society of WA.

I live in Bunbury, Western Australia and this blog is about my gluten free journey.   Coming along with me on my journey are my supportive and loving husband Aubrey and 8 year old son Kyle.   My Mum has also been supportive and always giving new GF recipes a go when we visit for lunch.

I found out I had Coeliac Disease in March 2009.   I had been seeing my fantastic naturopath Caroline from Healing Solutions for sometime and still had some digestive upsets but nothing too serious.   Caroline suggested a blood test and I also discovered that my two Aunties back in the UK had Coeliac Disease.

Two weeks after going gluten free I went on a two week holiday to the USA to spend time with Aubrey’s parents.   I thought being gluten free in USA would be far easier than in Bunbury but I was wrong!   Thank goodness for Nancy’s cooking!   Despite being a terrible cook and not enjoying cooking I have out of necessity worked out some basic GF recipes.   This blog however will most likely share with you the good food I have found in the shops, online or when eating out!

Magnolias in Hershey, USA

Nicky @ Wedding

Our Wedding

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