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Five Go Gluten Free


I have been in my new job just over two months and I think my colleagues know me too well as my manager gave me a hilarious book “Five Go Gluten Free” by Enid Blyton, well not really!   It is Enid Blyton for grown ups.   There are also Ladybird books for grown ups on cats, mindfulness and the zombie apocalypse – maybe need these as well.   Thankfully coffee and wine are gluten free so that is my Christmas sorted!   But seriously being Coeliac at Christmas time can be a hassle with the eating out and hidden gluten in all sorts of things so be prepared.   I wish everyone a safe and peaceful holiday break – take some time to slow down and appreciate good food and company.   My New Year resolution is to do more blog posts!

Coeliac Morning Tea


A small group of us met at local cafe The Happy Wife for a Coeliac morning tea.   There was a choice of delicious gluten free raspberry & white chocolate friends and Lindt dark chocolate brownies.   The Happy Wife also stocks Serafine bread and the group sampled some toasted with jam.

The group discussed getting together later in the year and people bringing along a sample of their favourite bread or other gluten free recipe.   The option of meeting at a park or playground on a Saturday afternoon was discussed.   If you have any ideas for a a gluten free morning tea, dinner or BBQ please email or call me on 0450 604 521.

Gluten Free Cooking Classes

The Balingup Bronze Cafe is pleased to announce two new dates for our GLUTEN FREE cooking workshops with Rose Morgan in Balingup.This time we offer shorter sessions, which will hopefully fit more easily into everyone’s schedule:
  • Dates: Saturday 18th June OR Friday 1st July 2011
  • Time: 10:00 am – 2:30pm
  • Location: Recreation Centre, South Western Hwy, Balingup
  • Cost: $100

During the workshop you will learn all you need to know about keeping a GLUTEN FREE kitchen, pantry essentials, and how to cook a large variety of tasty, easy to cook dishes that cater for all family members. The workshop will include morning tea & lunch and you’ll also have some delicious food to take home with you.

Places are limited, so please make sure to register. If you wish to stay the night / weekend in Balingup,  there is plenty of
accommodation available, please let me know if you need assistance in finding a place.

For registration and further details, please contact Yael Harris
Tel: 9764 1938      Email:
We look forward to sharing our passion and knowledge with you!
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Gluten Free Morning Tea


Thanks to all that came along to the Coeliac Society morning tea today at Caf Fez.   Thank you to the staff at Caf Fez for ordering in the extra gluten free cakes and the excellent coffee.    Please let me know if you would like me to organise a dinner for an evening or maybe a get together at the park for children with a BYO GF morning tea!

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Gluten Intolerant vs Coeliac


Interesting article on gluten intolerance on Cyndi O’Meara’s website, check out the link here.   Visit the Changing Habits website by clicking on the link on my blog to find out more and buy products like rapadura sugar and seaweed salt which is great source of iodine.   My thyroid levels are low again and since I don’t have iodised salt or bread or cereal with added iodine I have been having seaweed salt.

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Gluten Free Yoga Retreat


Had a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend at Glenbrook in Margaret River for a Dru yoga retreat.   I find yoga and meditation really help with my digestion issues as sure they are stress related.   I urge you to check out the High Aspirations website here for Dru Yoga retreats or Dru Yoga Australia website for further information.

Yoga Art!

We also did some art with Chris Skeggs, check out her website here.   Some of my thyroid issues can be related to stifled creativity so the art work focusing on the throat chakra and colour blue were very releasing!

Gluten Free Lemon & Almond Cake

Thank you also to Nirala for the wonderful, nourishing gluten free food over the weekend.   Delicious Indian food, delectable Green Goddess salad dressing and my favourite a Lemon and Almond Cake which was delicious with a spoonful of greek yoghurt.   Visit Nirala’s blog “From Potions to Pesto” here for the recipe.   A wonderful blog that embraces all the philosophies that I would like to adopt for my health.

Yoga gals at Yahava!

On the way home from the retreat we stopped off for a coffee at Yahava in Margaret River and while there checked out Cookies Galore right next door.   I sampled some very delicious and crisp gluten free biscuits and by far my favourite were the lemon yo-yo’s.   Check out Cookies Galore website here.

Top 10 Tips for being Gluten Free


Check out Gluten Free Aussie Girl’s blog for her top 10 tips on being gluten free here.  It is a great list and I agree wholeheartedly especially about making naturally gluten free food and cooking quality food as opposed to junk and processed food.

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Cyndi O’Meara – Changing Habits, Changing Lives


I would like to recommend anyone wanting to go gluten free and back to basics to read Cyndi O’Meara’s book “Changing Habits, Changing Lives” and the related cookbook. Check out the link below.

I am going to follow Cyndi’s 21 day plan to start off the new year.  Tried a recipe from the Cyndi O’Meara Thermomix cook book, Mexican Layered Chilli Dip with Refried Beans and Salsa.   Very delicious with layers of bean dip, avocado dip, sour cream and cheese.

Mexican Layered Chilli Dip

Changing Habits Changing Lives books, audio and reports

Coeliac Society Morning Tea


Thank you to everyone that came out for morning tea at Caf Fez today. The cafe had plenty of gluten free treats and good coffee. It was good to meet you all and hear plenty of information being shared! Let me know if you find a good place to eat or a recipe that would like to publish on my blog! Planning to have a dinner at Simply Thai later in 2010 and also arrange a get together for the kids at Big Swamp playground.

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Gluten Free & Thermomix


Went along to the Cyndi O’Meara and Thermomix presentation last night and was impressed. Cyndi is inspirational and the Thermomix amazing. I could eat most things prepared including some gluten free bread based on recipe from Cyndi’s book which was fantastic with the butter made in Thermomix – will try and post recipes as soon as mine gets delivered!

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