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Bliss Bowl @ The Townhouse


Checked out the new outdoor area and the summer menu.  The Bliss Bowl and Paleo Bowl are both gluten free.  I had the Bliss Bowl with sweet potato falafels, smokey corn, cherry tomatoes on wild rice salad with jalapeño ranch dressing and pomegranate gems.  On the brekky menu the Tropical Chia Pudding is gluten free and looks delish for summer.  The Townhouse also offer gluten free bread and I have had this with the Smashed Avocado and can still afford my mortgage repayments!

Gluten Free Weetbix


When I first saw a post on Facebook for gluten free Weetbix I thought it was a hoax!   Before being diagnosed Weetbix was one product that would make me feel very unwell and give me indigestion, for obvious reasons!   So it was with some mixed feelings that bought a packet to try.   Well I am hooked.  I love them for a quick, easy breakfast with some chopped banana and greek yoghurt.   They are also considerably cheaper than other gluten free cereals.   Sanitarium’s website says they are made with sorghum and in a dedicated gluten free factory.   Check out the details here and they are available from Coles, on special they were $3.99 for a 375g box.   The website also says Coles will release a second mystery gluten free product on 1st September so watch this space!


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Cyndi O’Meara – Changing Habits, Changing Lives


I would like to recommend anyone wanting to go gluten free and back to basics to read Cyndi O’Meara’s book “Changing Habits, Changing Lives” and the related cookbook. Check out the link below.

I am going to follow Cyndi’s 21 day plan to start off the new year.  Tried a recipe from the Cyndi O’Meara Thermomix cook book, Mexican Layered Chilli Dip with Refried Beans and Salsa.   Very delicious with layers of bean dip, avocado dip, sour cream and cheese.

Mexican Layered Chilli Dip

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