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Deeks Gluten Free Breads


Thank you to Deeks for my sample of gluten free bread which arrived yesterday by courier all the way from Canberra to Bunbury in Western Australia. As I posted previously I had the chance to taste some Deeks gluten free bread when over in Albury for a yoga event as was smitten. It has been nearly 3 years since I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and I really have not found a good bread. I have tried many commercially available breads and baked lots of mine own including trying gluten free sour dough. I have to say this is the best bread! I still like the Serafine sourdough from Denmark for toasting and French toast but Deeks bread can make a fresh sandwich! I was a bit worried having it couriered over as it left Tuesday and arrived Thursday but I missed the courier and could not pick it up till Friday. It arrived fine, not squashed and was still nice and fresh. Most gluten free breads are stale the day after baked and either need eating promptly or sliced and frozen which is never the same. Deeks website says that their product has a long shelf life without added preservatives.


I had already tried the Quinoa loaf and loved it so glad to have some at home. The pumpkin and pepita loaf is lovely and moist with great taste. I had some just with butter and took a piece today to my favourite spot Cafe 140 and had them toast it up to have with the spanish beans. The girls there even commented on on how “bread like” the bread was. My husband who has tasted other gluten free breads (or refused to taste them!) even commented he could eat the pumpkin loaf! So I will be having more couriered over very soon and maybe Deeks might get a WA distributor, that would be excellent! Check out Deeks website here.

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“Deeks Gluten Free Breads”

  1. On November 26th, 2011 at 1:33 am fernanda Says:

    I might just have to order some!!!!

  2. On March 12th, 2012 at 9:39 pm Dale Says:

    Deeks bakery is certainly worth going out of your way for… We live on the Gold Coast and on our way to the Snow picked up a weeks worth of goodies at their bakery in Dickson. It was amazing, I do wish we had one here on the Gold Coast.

  3. On March 13th, 2012 at 12:18 pm Nicola Says:

    I agree I order mine and have it sent all the way to Bunbury, Western Australia!

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