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Gluten Free Buckwheat Sourdough


I have ventured into the world of sourdough! To continue to seek a decent and nutritious gluten free bread I bought Yoke Mardewi’s new book Sourdough which includes sections on gluten free sourdough. All week my kitchen bench has looked like a science lab with different gluten free starters bubbling away including buckwheat and brown rice flour. D-day was on the weekend and my patience and persistence was about to be tested! I think I might have overfed my buckwheat/sorghum sour dough starter as when used it to make the Everyday Sandwich Loaf recipe it did not rise much even after more the 5 hours. I baked it anyway and it took less time than in the recipe and was expecting a brick to come out the oven and go straight into the bin! Surprisingly while it came out a dense bread with chewy crust the taste was good with the hint of sour and the distinct buckwheat taste and nuttiness. But as you can see from the photo bread did not rise! Back to the drawing board and not sure if have killed my starter and if need to start again! My brown rice/linseed starter looks more promising!


To go with the sourdough, on what was not the best weather despite being spring, we had some chicken and brown rice soup. Thanks to Quirky Cooking for this gluten free and thermomix recipe which you can find here. It was delicious and very filling, more than enough for dinner with some bread. Next time think I will add some sweetcorn as goes so well with chicken and a little more tamari for flavour.


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