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I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease as an adult and I have had my 1o year old son tested but he does not have Coeliac disease.  I think it must  be very hard for children to be gluten free and hard for the parents to manage it.  Thankfully there is such a good range of gluten free products available as well as other allergy free products.   Recently I had the chance to sample or get some kids to sample a range of products.   Firstly the Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks which are gluten free and also egg and peanut free, a good idea with young babies where you don’t know what allergies might have when first introduce them to solids.   I taste tested them on some babies from the staff in my office and they were a hit!   For slightly older children taste tested the Orgran gluten free Itsy Bitsy Bears biscuits which are very similar to the much loved Tiny Teddies, so a great option for children that have to be gluten free so they don’t miss out.   The final product was one close to my son’s heart, peanut butter, luckily he does not have Coeliac disease and luckily no peanut allergy!   He was not sold on the Eskal FreeNut Butter which is actually made from ground roasted sunflower seeds but my husband who is American loves a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and thinks the crunchy nut free butter is not a bad alternative.   I think it is fantastic that there are so many gluten free and other allergy free products on the market for children and if it can make their life a bit easier and make them feel like not missing it out this a good thing!

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