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Gluten Free Quiche with Chickpea Crust


I have tried making gluten free pastry before for a quiche and lets say it was not very edible, just at the filling!   So was with some doubt that decided to give this chickpea crust a go as demonstrated (and taste tested!) by Rose at the Gluten Free Expo.   I could not find dal flour so ground down half a cup of green lentils (from the soup aisle!) and half a cup of brown rice to flour in the Thermomix.   I transferred this to a bowl and then processed a can of drained chickpeas to a paste in the Thermomix and then added to the flour mix with a pinch of salt.   Once this was mixed well together I added a little vegetable oil until becomes the consistency of play dough.   You then press this into a quiche tin (with the removable base) and up the sides to form a crust, no need to blind bake it.   I then made the quiche filling with four eggs and 1 cup of milk mixed together.   Then it is just a case of adding any left over ingredients or things have on hand.   The first quiche I made was a cheese, bacon and onion quiche with fetta cheese and sprinkled with tasty cheddar on top.   This weekend I made a spinach, mushroom, sun dried tomato and sunflower seed quiche with goat cheese fetta.   Both tasted delicious and the crust if able to be sliced and comes out of the quiche tin easily and holds together yet it is easy to cut and eat, not like some of my previous attempts as gluten pastry or crusts which you could not cut or chew!

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