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Gluten Free Yoga Retreat


Had a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend at Glenbrook in Margaret River for a Dru yoga retreat.   I find yoga and meditation really help with my digestion issues as sure they are stress related.   I urge you to check out the High Aspirations website here for Dru Yoga retreats or Dru Yoga Australia website for further information.

Yoga Art!

We also did some art with Chris Skeggs, check out her website here.   Some of my thyroid issues can be related to stifled creativity so the art work focusing on the throat chakra and colour blue were very releasing!

Gluten Free Lemon & Almond Cake

Thank you also to Nirala for the wonderful, nourishing gluten free food over the weekend.   Delicious Indian food, delectable Green Goddess salad dressing and my favourite a Lemon and Almond Cake which was delicious with a spoonful of greek yoghurt.   Visit Nirala’s blog “From Potions to Pesto” here for the recipe.   A wonderful blog that embraces all the philosophies that I would like to adopt for my health.

Yoga gals at Yahava!

On the way home from the retreat we stopped off for a coffee at Yahava in Margaret River and while there checked out Cookies Galore right next door.   I sampled some very delicious and crisp gluten free biscuits and by far my favourite were the lemon yo-yo’s.   Check out Cookies Galore website here.

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“Gluten Free Yoga Retreat”

  1. On January 27th, 2011 at 9:03 pm Nirala Says:

    Recipes up and running. Love your blog.
    Saw you have Jus burgers on your list…my partner is Amita from Margaret River tempeh who supplies their tempeh burgers!
    The world continues to shrink!

  2. On January 27th, 2011 at 9:26 pm Nicola Says:

    Yes we love Jus Burgers, thank goodness in Perth as would eat too much if in Bunbury. Will have to try the tempeh burger next time as I really liked the tempeh slice for lunch on the retreat!

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