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Grill’d in Melbourne


I have been over in Melbourne for holiday and work and as we all know eating gluten free can be tricky when travelling and eating out. We stayed at the Jasper Hotel and they had gluten free bread to have with the poached eggs and vego breakfast. The food hall near by in Melbourne Central has a number of gluten free options including Mad Mex, Nando’s and Grill’d. I thought Jus Burgers in WA had the best gluten free burgers and chips but Grill’d is just as good. I had the Moroccan Lamb Burger with the chips that had a herb sprinkle, very tasty. For our final night in Melbourne we went to Taco Bill’s which was tasty but tricky as while website said to ask the wait staff what was gluten free they seemed less than confident in telling what I could eat, I went with the potato skins to be on the safe side!

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“Grill’d in Melbourne”

  1. On April 10th, 2013 at 7:34 am tina Says:

    unfortunately grill’d arent really gluten free. They use the same chopping boards and toaster for the gluten free and normal buns. When I contacted them to ask why they bother having gluten free buns if they dont make sure it stays gluten free, they told me that they dont have gluten free buns for coeliacs, only for people who want become healthier by lowering their gluten intake. They told me that they definitely do not recommend their products for people with coeliacs disease. I was really disappointed.

  2. On April 11th, 2013 at 1:36 pm Nicola Says:

    Thanks Tina, the staff I asked at Grill’d I went to seemed to understand the need to keep gluten free buns away from other bread products. I guess it reminds us that need to be vigilant and when eating out it can always be risky.

  3. On August 11th, 2015 at 3:27 pm Ashlee Says:

    It all depends on which Grill’d outlet you go to. There are a few that have separate preparation and cooking areas. I just mention I am a Coeliac and they change gloves, and use that area instead. I always watch them over the parcel shelf to make sure.

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