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I will admit it I am a bit of a gluten free bread snob.   I am not a fan of most commercially available gluten free bread as most as white and bland.   When I could or did eat bread I always ate rye bread or grainy bread not white sliced bread.   I still think the Deek’s bakery quinoa loaf if the best bread have found but it is expensive and not easy to source.   So I was pleasantly surprised to sample the new Lifestyle Bakery range and particularly like the Chia & Quinoa bread and the Soy & Linseed is good as well.   Both breads are still best toasted in my opinion but on the day the bread arrived the Chia & Quinoa was good fresh with some Nuttlex on it.   The Lifestyle Bakery range is available at Woolworths and IGA – check out the website here.

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