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Peppermint Lane Lodge


Aubrey and I had a night away at Peppermint Lane Lodge the delightfully relaxing place that we had our wedding. Kim did a wonderful job of looking after us and making us feel at home. The food as usual was delicious! The menu was:

Seared Haloumi

Portobello Mushroom with Blue Cheese Cream
Slow Roasted Stuffed Capsicum

Herb Crusted Lamb Rump
Steamed Gourmet Potatoes
Roasted Carrots in Elderberry Balsamic Glaze
Green Beans

Citrus Tart
Lemon Possett
Wine and Hibiscus Jelly

Breakfast at Peppermint Lane Lodge on the deck overlooking the trees is always relaxing start to the day. The breakfast table looks stunning and Kim made sure I did not miss out with gluten free muesli and bread.

Breakfast fruit buffet!


Perfect Poached Egg!

I would certainly recommend Peppermint Lane Lodge to anyone who wants to relax and enjoys their food but Coeliac’s can be confident that they will get delicious gluten free food.   Book a couple of nights here.

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