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Salmon Omlette @ Cafe 140



Lovely day, spring is nearly here, so we rode the bikes into town and went to breakfast at Cafe 140 to try some more of the new menu and also the new single origin Ethiopian coffee. We both had the omelette that is made with two cheeses, Margaret River free range eggs, smoked salmon and infused with truffle oil. Aubrey had his with the trademark doorstopper toast and I took in a Bodhi gluten free bread roll that the staff where more than happy to toast in the sandwich press with some baking paper to avoid cross contamination with other bread crumbs. Looking forward to trying the Baci baked cheesecake that Kristy has promised to make and will be gluten free, watch this space for a photo and my verdict, sure it will be delicious!

Another breakfast option is the fruit salad and yoghurt drizzled with honey.   The presentation is fantastic and I took in my own Brookfarm GF macadamia muesli to have with my breakfast.
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“Salmon Omlette @ Cafe 140”

  1. On August 20th, 2011 at 5:28 pm Tracy Collins Says:

    Wow…love it.
    This is a fabulous site and will come back.
    I am posting about food and connection with wheat and the common cold.
    Starting a food diary too.
    Will share with my bloggers and tweeters. 😀

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