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Serafine Gluten Free Sour Dough


I had the chance to try this GF Sour Dough at The Happy Wife in Bunbury for breakfast. They got some loaves in for sale from down south in Denmark and I got my hands on one today. I tried the GF Sour Dough with seeds and it is delicious – start with the yeasty, sour dough smell and it is dense, heavy and crusty! The taste is fantastic with the seeds and it toasts up beautifully. Had a slice of toast with Margaret River Strawberry Jam for afternoon tea and was heaven! On the weekend when it was getting a little stale it made perfect french toast as did not collapse when soaked up the egg mixture. Whisk a couple of free range eggs with some vanilla essence, cinnamon and milk and then dip the bread in mix to soak. Cook in the frypan with a little butter and serve with maple syrup. Check out Serafine website here and while it is pricey loaf of bread in my mind it is well worth it. Try calling or visiting The Happy Wife on 9721 7706.

Check out the article in the Southwest Times that features their forward thinking!

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