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Unfortunately having Coeliac Disease I never lost lots of weight and if anything after going 100% gluten free have put on weight as being gluten free does not mean low fat!   Often to compensate for the lack of gluten products can have more fats or sugars added and also are not necessarily very high in fibre or nutritious.   One thing that is tricky is to find a gluten free snack to eat on the go, after the gym or on the road.   Slim Secrets “Wanted Less Than 100 Calories” snack bars fit the bill as can carry in my bag for after gym coffee instead of the gluten free cake.   They are also good to have at work in my drawer if hunger strikes or if someone brings in cake I cannot eat.   I like the cranberry, choc ‘n’ nuts best but the vanilla almond is tasty as well.   Slim Secrets also have Low Carb Fit Balls which are choc mint and these are only wheat free but actually don’t contain any gluten in the ingredients so  assume it must be gluten contamination in production that stops them being labelled gluten free.   All the bars and snacks have chia seeds which are a super food.



Slim Secrets also do a range go gluten free low fat chips.   I am more a sweet tooth than savoury but like chips occassionally.  I snuck some into the cinema today as nothing at the snack bar is gluten free, even the popcorn can have gluten in the flavouring.    The sea salt ones are nice but prefer the flavoured salt and vinegar or cheese and onion.   Slim Secrets can be bought at the supermarket, Coles in Bunbury stock some of the range, or ordered online here.

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