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Zamia in Kings Park


Had a weekend in Perth and went to breakfast at Zamia Cafe in Kings Park and they offer a range of gluten free options.   I had the poached eggs with vegetarian breakfast served on potato rosti.  Had a glorious walk and checked out all the wonderful wildflowers in bloom.   Check out the website here.


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Gluten Free Baci Baked Cheesecake


Thank you to Cafe 140 for the now Baci baked cheesecake, formerly known as the gluten Mars Bar baked cheesecake. Baci chocolates are gluten free, nutty and delicious so lovely baked into this delicious creamy cheesecake. There is no biscuit base so is totally gluten free. So now there are two cake choices with the orange & almond cake as well. Hmmmm now I am sure that the chocolate brownie can be gluten free, your next challenge 140!


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Cafe Bianco


Was happy to learn that Cafe Bianco offering gluten free pizza bases now so can enjoy gourmet pizza made with care, that is gluten free. The bases are made with chickpea flour (besan) and made a delicious crisp thin pizza base. We had the prawn and prosciutto pizza and it was very tasty and not at all greasy or too cheesy.
Cafe Bianco is BYO and also has some gluten free cakes including the blood orange cake I had with Yallingup Roasting Company coffee. The prices very reasonable and the staff friendly and attentive.



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Eagle Bay Brewery


Went for a drive down south today and walked around the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse to do some whale watching. We had a late lunch at Eagle Bay Brewery and while of course I cannot drink the beer, there were lots of gluten free options on the menu and good selection of wine as well. I had a glass of the shiraz which was very smooth so bought a bottle to take home. I had the chicken kebabs with lentil and cherry tomato salad and a side of gluten free fries with garlic mayonnaise. For dessert I had the espresso pot with turkish coffee syrup and gluten free biscotti which was a good size for delectable sweet treat without being too much. The brewery uses Yallingup coffee which was good. Aubrey tells me the stout was a good beer as well and I was bit jealous cannot drink beer! Check out their website here.



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Coeliac Morning Tea


A small group of us met at local cafe The Happy Wife for a Coeliac morning tea.   There was a choice of delicious gluten free raspberry & white chocolate friends and Lindt dark chocolate brownies.   The Happy Wife also stocks Serafine bread and the group sampled some toasted with jam.

The group discussed getting together later in the year and people bringing along a sample of their favourite bread or other gluten free recipe.   The option of meeting at a park or playground on a Saturday afternoon was discussed.   If you have any ideas for a a gluten free morning tea, dinner or BBQ please email or call me on 0450 604 521.

Salmon Omlette @ Cafe 140



Lovely day, spring is nearly here, so we rode the bikes into town and went to breakfast at Cafe 140 to try some more of the new menu and also the new single origin Ethiopian coffee. We both had the omelette that is made with two cheeses, Margaret River free range eggs, smoked salmon and infused with truffle oil. Aubrey had his with the trademark doorstopper toast and I took in a Bodhi gluten free bread roll that the staff where more than happy to toast in the sandwich press with some baking paper to avoid cross contamination with other bread crumbs. Looking forward to trying the Baci baked cheesecake that Kristy has promised to make and will be gluten free, watch this space for a photo and my verdict, sure it will be delicious!

Another breakfast option is the fruit salad and yoghurt drizzled with honey.   The presentation is fantastic and I took in my own Brookfarm GF macadamia muesli to have with my breakfast.
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Cafe 140 New Menu with Gluten Free!


I have been a fan and customer of Cafe 140 for sometime and love the coffee (the new single origin coffee has great taste!), orange & almond cake and the funky atmosphere and friendly staff.   Now there is even more reason to visit as can eat even more from their new updated menu.   I had lunch with Aubrey on Friday (he is a real regular!!!) and tried the now gluten free frittata – thanks to the chef for not using flour to coat the dish so now I can eat it!   Need to work on the vegie stack next as sure we can make that gluten free!


On Friday night I was lucky enough to be invited along to sample the new menu options along with champagne!   The Spanish Beans dish was delicious and those of us gluten free can indulge in this just minus the turkish bread.   Have suggested having some gluten free corn chips on hand as a yummy alternative as would taste great as dip or nacho option for lunch.  The smoked salmon omelette infused with truffle oil is also gluten free without the toast.


Thank you to Kristy and Alex for making some gluten free options available on the menu!   The menu does not list the gluten free options but don’t be afraid to ask as the friendly staff will assist you make a safe choice.   Check out the Facebook page here.

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The Happy Wife Gluten Free Morning Tea


Our next gluten free morning tea is planned for Monday 22 August 2011, 10am at the Happy Wife, 98 Stirling St.  Come along and meet other members of the Coeliac Society of WA and share tips and recipes on being gluten free.   The cafe will have lots of yummy treats like this gluten free peach friand and also can buy the Serafine gluten free bread that they stock.   Please RSVP to Nicky on 0450 604 521.

Gluten Free Peach Friand

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Uno GF Pizza


In Washington DC found Uno Chicago Grill on a walk from our hotel room. Was looking for somewhere to eat where we could all have some pizza and they offer gluten free pizza options as well as gluten free beer.   It was the best gluten free crust I have tasted and the toppings delicious as well.   Check out their website here.

Gluten Free Veggie Pizza

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Piazza Sorrento, Hershey, PA


We took Kyle to Hershey Chocolate World and bought lots of chocolate, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate and most Hershey Kisses are gluten free. Check out the website here.

While in Hershey visited a fantastic Italian restaurant Piazza Sorrento which I found when searching the internet. The restaurant has a completely separate and extensive gluten free menu including pizza’s and pasta. All the meals come served with slip of paper letting you know the meal is gluten free.

I had the Chicken and Penne Pasta that came with grilled chicken, spinach, sun dried tomato, mushrooms, onions, garlic and olive oil. The pasta came with a lovely soft bread roll and I order a side salad with the house dressing which was gluten free. I also tried the Red Bridge gluten free beer which was based on sorghum and was good though I prefer an ale and not found a good gluten free one yet.

Finished off the meal with some gluten free Tiramisu which used gluten free sponge fingers infused with Kahlua and coffee and layered with a rich cheese filling and topped with shaved chocolate. The service was fantastic, thank you to Kevin for looking after us! Check out their website and menu here.

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